Lagos Elders Kicks Against Cow Colonies, Urges Restructuring Of Country

Yemisi Izuora 

The Lagos Elders Council has kicked against the proposed cattle colonies in all parts of the country, being touted by the Federal Government and which is being sponsored by the Minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbe, saying it is an attempt to subjugate and colonize the entire Nigeria.

In a statement in Lagos by signed by Chief Sunbo Onitiri, the Elders said the move to establish cattle colonies for private business by the Federal Government has a sinister motive by the proponents, and it would destabilize the nation, as it would not work even in Lagos State.

It is another way to create confusion and misunderstanding between the state governments which hold the land in trust for their people and the Federal Government in future, the statement said.

The Lagos Elders wondered why such suggestion was being made by the Federal Government to favour the Fulani’s herdsmen who are now rampaging at will the nooks and corners of the country, damaging and destroying the people’s crops, and property, killing and maiming innocent farmers that have the courage to challenge them.

The Elders Council urged the Federal Government to begin the process of Restructuring Nigeria now; declare the killer fulani Herdsmen Terrorist Group; and provide a conducive enabling environment for businesses to thrive and empower our Youths.

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