Lagos Prominent Indigenes Advises Sanwo-Olu To Develop Waterways


Yemisi Izuora
Lagos State government has been urged to develop other means of transportation, particularly waterways to alleviate the hardship commuters are facing daily on the roads.
This suggestion was given by the Lagos State Prominent Indigenes in a Press statement issued and signed by their spokesman, Chief  Adesunbo Onitiri, socio-political activist and critic, in Lagos yesterday.
According  to the group, “Lagosians now face more hardships in commuting in Lagos metropolis. You can hardly reach your destination without spending a whole day on Lagos roads.
“Many business opportunities have been lost and a lot of people frustrated by their failure to meet  appointments, to unending traffic hold-up on Lagos roads.
“The  stress on our roads are now becoming unbearable that it can trigger  a mass revolution earlier than expected,” the Indigenes emphasised.
The lndigenes noted that Lagos roads were now fast becoming inefficient in commuting Lagosians to their various destinations.
“The closure of most roads by the authorities is becoming too rampant due to repair works which should not have been.  Most Lagosians waste unnecessary economic hours commuting.”
The Indigenes pointed out that Lagos state is an island surrounded by water. Therefore  our waters present an easier and cheaper means of transportation.
“Most of the Lagos divisions can be easily reached through the sea, like Badagry, Epe, lkorodu and Lagos lsland.
“A state that prides itself a Megacity should have developed its waterways and rails,” the Lagos Prominent Indigenes stated.
“Granted that we missed the metroline proposed by the late pragmatic Jakande regime. The planners should have gone to work on the waters, with our huge internal resources,” the group told Governor Sanwo-Olu.
“Better late than never, it may be a bit difficult to embark on the underground train system, but we can harness our ocean economy.
“We urge the Governor to review all wastages in the system like the Alpha Beta contracts, the illegal collection of taxes by the National Union of Roads Transport Workers (NURTW), the market unions, et cetera and direct such wastages to develop our ocean economy and thus provide jobs for our restive youths.
“All over the world in most metropolitan cities, road repair works were usually carried out at nights or at weekends  when traffic was very light, to avoid congestion. We recommend this model in Lagos metropolis,” the Indigenes  emphasised.
Meanwhile, the Lagos Prominent Indigenes have also implored Governor Sanwo-Olu to complete the Lagos-Badagry Express Way.
The state government should also clear the gridlock on Lagos-Apapa Road  and  commence work on the Lagos Fourth Mainland bridge, the group advised.
In the same  vain, the Indigenes appealed to the Federal government to  urgently commence work on the coastal  line road to link Warri and Calabar ports.

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