Lecturer Accused Of Demanding Sex From Female Student

Richard Ginika Izuora

A female student has accused her lecturer for threatening to fail her if she did not comply with his demand.

The lady claimed that the lecturer has vowed to keep her in the school premises for a long time; until she succumbs to his urges. The student identified as Motunrayo Afolayan has taken the courage to expose the lecturer; who has allegedly been pressurizing her to have sex with him for grades.

The #SexForGrades is currently rocking the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, as the 400-level student of the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Business Administration accused a well-known lecturer; Olabisi Olaleye, of sexually harassing her.

Motunrayo Afolayan, who has since lodged a complaint at the university’s Centre for Gender and Social Policy Studies; alleged that Mr Olaleye failed her in ‘Diplomacy,’ course code IRS 305.

The lecturer teaches the course alongside a female colleague, Omolara Akinyemi.

The allegation comes nearly two years after a widely publicised scandal involving another lecturer in the faculty; Richard Akindele, and a student.

However, Mr Akindele, a professor of Accounting, was dismissed from the university; after he was indicted for demanding sex from a female student to help improve her grades. A federal court later sentenced the professor to 24 months in prison.

Ms Afolayan first took IRS 305 during the 2017/2018 academic calendar; while in 300 Level but was allegedly failed because he refused to sleep with the lecturer.

During the next academic year, the 2018/2019 academic session; the student registered again for the course but received repeated threats from the lecturer that; “she would fail again and again if she refuses to sleep with him.”

The student sought the intervention of another lecturer in the department, Sunday Omotuyi, on the matter. Ms Afolayan, it was gathered, had feared she could fail again since she was still being pestered by the lecturer.

Though Olaleye denied the allegation verbally when interviewed by newsmen; and in a written response to a query he was served by the university’s authorities; Ms Afolayan said she had been advised to keep sealed lips until the university makes its verdict public.

Olaleye reportedly said;

“I didn’t know her until the timetable issue came up.

“She approached me with two other ladies but I told them I could not help. I only advised them to go and write their 400 level course first, and return to join us in the hall for my course.”

On why Afolayan’s result was withheld for a long time; Olaleye blamed it all on his colleague who he claimed was sorting out her accreditation issue.

Asides being unable to recall when he got a job at the university, Olaleye reportedly couldn’t explain why he is yet to get his doctorate degree after enrolling for the programme 13 years ago.

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