Man Dies After Arriving Canada From Nigeria


Richard Ginika Izuora

A man who flew reportedly from Nigeria on his way to Canada has died of COVID-19, barely hours after his arrival.

The man, whose identity remains undisclosed owing to privacy issues, died on Wednesday morning after arriving from Nigeria.

The passenger had apparently flown without securing a negative test; despite rules requiring all international passengers to test negative for COVID-19. Indeed, the man had taken a COVID-19 test in Nigeria, but hadn’t received the results before departing.

Local Canadian media reports that paramedics were dispatched to the man’s home; located on Doug Walton Lane in Newcastle.

The medics had been advised of a male complaining of shortness of breath and loss of taste.

However, the call was upgraded after the man, 47, lost vital signs.

Paramedics were told he had arrived Canada from Nigeria the previous day, and told 911 he believed he had COVID-19, reports.

The deceased had arrived in Toronto on a Delta Airlines flight from Detroit on Tuesday morning. He had caught a connecting Toronto-bound flight after flying from Lagos, Nigeria, to Atlanta.

The man, a married father of two, was pronounced dead at the scene.

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