Man Kill Self In Cross River State 

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A married man identified as Chinedu Peter Ogwa has reportedly died moments after he swallowed rat poison.

The 45-year-old married man who hails from Cross Rivers took his own life in his home on Thursday, August 27.

According to Chidinma Ogwa, wife of the deceased, she said her husband started behaving strangely on Monday, August 24.

She said he left behind a suicide note where he appealed to her and their children to forgive him.

She said her late husband blamed his action on frustration, lack of business success, as well as inability to recover his debts among others.

Read her statement below.

“It all started on the afternoon of Monday, August, 25, 2020, when he called me from where he was then to ask me what we are going to eat that night.

I told him not to worry, that I had already prepared soup.

After a while he came back and met me washing clothes outside, he stood beside me and began to laugh.

I was like why are you laughing, he was still laughing, then he said to me ‘you did not know what I tried to do today’?

I asked what did you tried to do and he said to me he was going to take rat poison so he could die and I shouted ‘rat poison, for what’?

Then he told me that he was frustrated, people are owing him here and there, his business was not making any headway for 15 years he has been in business.

Nothing to show for it, yet on top of that, people are laying false accusation against him that he did this and did that.”

“He continued and said; ‘today I had bought the poison and holding it in my hand to take I remembered you and my children.

What people will say to you, how they will laugh at you and I and concluding that they have succeeded then I dropped it and walked away and rather decided to hand over everything to God’.

And I agreed with him he took the best of decisions; and told him not to mind people and their mouths.

This life is a battle, everybody has problems.

It is not just us; please do not try that again’ and he promised never to do it again.

Then he began to admire me and our children; and I laughed and we continued.”

She said her husband decided to take his life; when she and the kids went to church for service that night.

His body has since been deposited in the morgue.

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