MILPOPPROF Plan Regional Conference On Security Communication

Hyacinth chinweuba
The Military, Police and Paramilitary Public Relations Officers Forum, MILPOPPROF, is planning to hold the West African Conference, WAFCON, on Security Communication and Public Information Management from November 14 to 16, in Abuja.

MILPOPPROF is a collection of public relations managers of security agencies who make up primary stakeholders of the forum, while law enforcement and intelligence agencies, public information managers, civil societies, media organizations, the Judiciary, emergency response groups, non government organizations, NGOs, Corporate Affairs Managers, the Academia and consumers of security services constitute its secondary stakeholders.

It is being promoted by Peace and Conflict Resolution Resource Center, PEACREC, a group of senior officers, coordinating the young public relations officers to kill rivalry, promoting and sharing information.

According to Steve Okonmah, chief facilitator of the forum, the Conference would bring together 150 delegates across the stakeholders’ spectrum within Nigeria and West Africa.

In a statement signed by the Media Consultant, Chief George Umunakwe, Okonmah said the conference would also bring together internationally-reknowned experts and practitioners.

“The experts would share ideas, perspectives and experiences on security communication and public information management in the ever-evolving global security environment. The latest trend in security communication and gadgets will be on showcase.

“Security, law enforcement and intelligence agencies, public information managers, civil societies, media organisations, the judiciary, emergency response groups, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), corporate affairs managers, the academia and all consumers of security services constitute our secondary stakeholders”, he said.

Okonmah who pointed out that the objectives of the conference include helping participants to get better equipped with vital information on crisis management, said the conference would facilitate orientation for image makers for a more effective representation of West African issues.

“To foster world-class acceptable (UN, AU) standard in resolution and management of crisis information and domestication of same.
“To change West African warranties and properly project the gallant contributions of its security to peace and stability on the West African continent and globally,’’ the chief facilitator of MILPOPROF added.

According to him a team of officers, who had passion and vision for Nigeria, established the forum in 2006 to stop rivalry between uniformed officers. He further pointed out that the problem of rivalry between uniformed officers brought about MILPOPPROF, adding that this problem should be solved and nipped in the bud.

He said that in case of any crisis, officers should be able to share security information and see each other as one family and as professionals.

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