Mushin LGA Wades Into Lapido Market Crises 

Lagos, August 18, 2020

Hyacinth Chinweuba

The Chairman, Mushin Local Government Area (LGA), Mr Emmanuel Bamgboye on Tuesday constituted a three-man caretaker committee to look into the electoral process and activities of Aguyi Ironsi Market Traders Association, Ladipo.

Bamgboye, speaking with newsmen at the LGA said that government officials do not usually engage in the electoral processes or operations of a market except there is a threatening crises looming.

He said that his office had received several petitions from the association regarding internal crises brewing as a result of opposition parties contesting for electoral postions.

“This development as well as several other petitions written to Zone 2, Lagos State Police Command necessitated officials of the council to come into the matter.

“The government is not here to take over the operation of the association but to prevent crises and promote peace and tranquility in the LGA which is our priority.

“Therefore, we have organised a committee that will monitor the activities of the market and ensure that elections are conducted in due time,” he said.

The chairman said that the LGA had the right to interfere with the process of any market under it’s jurisdiction if the activities or the market would breach peace in the area.

“The market is under the state government and the local government is under the state government. This directly puts market control under the supervision of the local governments.

“Therefore, ownership of the market regarding peaceful conduct is directly placed under the local government area where the market is situated.

“Our decision therefore supersedes any other decision from the governing body of the market,” Bamgboye said.

He equally advised the executives and members of the association to be united and in one accord so as to avoid third parties meddling in their affairs.

Mr Emmanuel Mbamara, Chairman, Aguyi Ironsi Market Traders Association, Ladipo said that some members have been spreading rumour without proof that his administration embezzled N120 million meant for the upkeep of the market.

Mbamara said that his opposition were trying to undermine his second term re-election into office by spreading false news of his administration.

“The members of the association are pleased with my administration because I have been able to renovate different structures in the market, pay salaries of workers, provide social services among others.

“I was made chairman in 2018 and I will be strongly recontesting for the same position in the next election which will be announced when the date has been set,” he said.

Mbamara said that the elections would have held in the first quarter of the year but for the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic which stalled and postponed the process by the High Court of Nigeria.

“I call on members to shun whatever rumour is being spread because the perpetrators do not have proof and are just trying to undermine my credibility,” he said.

The Chairman, however said that the association was not under any crises and that the squabble was just part of propaganda that was common during election times.

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