NDA Invasion: Conflicting Report Trails Major Datong’s Death

By Our Correspondent

There are conflicting reports about the whereabouts of abducted Major Christopher Datong.

Major Datong — not ‘Stephen Dantong’ as initially reported — was abducted in the wee hours of Tuesday morning when assailants reported to be ‘bandits’ gained access to the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in Afaka, Kaduna State, killing two officers and abducting him.

Multiple platforms had reported that his body was found, but FIJ’s findings confirmed that up till 10pm on Tuesday — hours after the supposed death was reported — both his family and the NDA got proof of life from his captors.

His abductors spoke with two different members of his extended family, both women, FIJ was told. They asked Major Datong to name someone he trusted the most whom they could talk to, and he did since Datong named his negotiator, the ‘bandits’ have refused to talk to anyone else.

“Every call they make, they give Datong the phone to talk to his self-appointed negotiator, just so that we have a proof of life,” a source very close to the family told FIJ on Wednesday morning. “He is alive. This much I can confirm. As of 10pm on Tuesday, he was still alive — and this was hours after the circulation of reports of his death.”

Even though it cannot be entirely ruled out, that the Military will address rumours of Datong’s death.

Some report said Major Christopher Datong, abducted during the raid.

The unfortunate officer was found dead after he was taken captive, unconfirmed reports said.

The major was kidnapped when the bandits penetrated the NDA in an attack that left two other military officers dead. The deceased officer was discovered yesterday evening, a few hours after he was abducted by the bandits.

According to reports, the bandits allegedly demanded the sum of N200 million to free him.

The 43-year-old officer who was born on January 4, 1978, is from Plateau State

The identities of the other officers killed have equally been disclosed.

They include Lieutenant Commander Wulah and Flight Lieutenant Commander Okoronkwo.

The death of Datong brings to three the number of casualties confirmed so far as a result of the attack.

In addition, another officer, 2nd Lt Onah, is believed to have been injured during the attack. However, he is currently said to be recuperating in a medical facility within the institution.

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