NDLEA Links Rising Drug Abuse To Insecurity

Richard Ginika Izuora

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, has observed a link between drug abuse and rising insecurity in the country.

Chairman of the agency, Buba Marwa, has described the menace as a national tragedy and sought stakeholders support to rid the country of the scourge.

Marwa, told a stakeholders meeting on Friday, June 18, in Lokoja, that drug abuse is a threat to national security and has remained a major cause of insecurity in the country.

According to him, criminals usually indulge in drugs and act under its influence, and appealed to the public to support the agency in the drive to tackle it.

In a further appeal, Marwa, said, “The time for all hands to be on deck and work collectively in stemming the negative trend of drug abuse; and reduce to the barest minimum its incidences in the country is now,” adding that he was working to deal with accessibility to drugs through seizures; and destruction of cannabis sativa farms and plantations across the country.

Marwa said that drug demand and consumption levels in the country were growing so it would be a challenge to the agency to single handedly defeat the burgeoning industry without stakeholders support.

He urged parents to be alert in the type of friends their children and wards keep; saying that they should also be observant and take note of changes in the behaviour of their children and ward

The chairman also charged religious leaders to use their platforms to preach against the dangers of drug intake as well as abuse; also adding that for the country to come out of the present insecurity; intake; and abuse of drugs must be fought to a standstill.

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