NGA/NIPCO In A Strategic Partnership On Gas Investment

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Yemisi Izuora

The Nigerian Gas Association NGA and NIPCO are effectively collaborating to promote investment in the country’s midstream oil sector.

Both parties asserts that for Nigeria to effectively harness her endowed gas resources there is need for a special policy focus on gas  sector in the nation’s energy mix .

Making the assertion during a courtesy visit by the President of the Nigerian Gas Association [NGA], Mr. Bolaji Osunsanya to Nipco Plc, said Nigeria will only be often referred to as gas heaven with low level of utilisation of the resource if pre-eminence is not accorded   the sector.

He affirmed that there is need to give  gas a new pride of place especially in the light of the nation’s economic predicament adding that gas development at the levels of exploration and utilisation needs new focus.

The NGA President appreciated the concerns of Nipco MD in routing for  attention to the gas sector at the highest level of governance to further galvanise all stakeholders  with the Association pledge  to support advocacy in this direction for the needed industry  growth
According to him, there is a sense in focussing on gas whether you do it by creating a special ministry or you make sure it has a special focus in policy initiatives .

He counselled that in the interim, whatever ministry that supervises gas should make it a focussed area stressing that through such initiatives corporate bodies like Nipco to do even more in the sector.

Mr Osunsanya acknowledged the splendid contribution of Nipco to the sector so far noting that the association is proud of its achievement.

The NGA President enjoined the planning committee of the forthcoming NGA Biennial Conference /Exhibition to ensure that  primacy of place is given to the company to exhibit its gas powered vehicles at the event to further showcase the development,

He told his host that conscious effort should be made to bring at least one of the CNG converted vehicle to the event for practical demonstration of how it works and also informed reactions from those already using the automobiles .

According to him ,it will not only be a good fora to do advocacy for more gas powered vehicles in the country but also let the populace see the inherent benefits of allowing your vehicles run on gas in comparism with white fuels

He noted that making the sector well routed  at the highest level of governance would   give more time and focus for gas development in the overall growth of the industry and the economy in general

The MD of NIPCO Mr Venkatapathy Venkataraman in response said that a great future lies ahead for the country in the gas sector in the country not only in view of the abundance resource but also in terms of its utilisation either for power generation of for domestic uses and saving forex in fuel importation.

Venkataraman informed that NIPCO remains a key player in the sector   both in the realms of gas usage as auto fuel and  for domestic purposes across the country.

In the area of Liquefied Petroleum Gas [LPG], he said the company  had put in place massive gas storage facility with attendant distribution network through scores of gas trucks as well as inaugurating skid in some of its branded service stations.

The MD stated that in the realm of using natural gas as auto fuel and powering of machines, the company in a joint venture with Nigeria gas Company had inaugurated seven gas stations in the city of Benin and a compression plant at Ibafo, Ogun state to improve access by motorist and industrial concerns.

He however averred that slow response to enormous investment by private sector through conscious patronage is adversely affecting returns on investment in the sector.

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