Nigeria Is 3rd Worst Governed Nation In The World- Report

Richard Ginika Izuora

The Chandler Institute of Governance, has released a report showing that Nigeria is the third worst governed country in the world.

The ranking was contained in the inaugural Chandler Good Government Index.

The rating which focused on indices such as governance, leadership and foresight, rated Nigeria very low as Nigeria was ranked a lowly 102 out of 104 countries, with a score of 0.319 points.

Zimbabwe and Venezuela were ranked lower than Nigeria in the report.

The report, the first in the series, was released in Singapore on Monday by the Chandler Institute of Governance Nigeria scored Nigeria 0.44 on leadership and foresight; 0.45 on anti-corruption; 0.47 on long term vision; 0.41 on strategic prioritization and 0.4 on innovation.

Nigeria also scored very low in other parameters of good governance.

It scored 98 in leadership and foresight; 85 in robust laws and policies; 88 in financial stewardship; 101 in strong institutions; 97 in attractive marketplace; 72 in global influence and reputation and 98 in helping people rise.

The report identified the ability to handle corruption properly as the strongest indicator of good governance.

The top ten ranked nations were mainly European countries.

Finland topped the chart with 0.848 points. Switzerland, Singapore, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand and Canada made up the rest of the top 10.

Also, the highest ranked African country was Mauritius which came in at number 38 with a score of 0.5670.

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