Nigeria Records N9.03 Trillion In Pension Assets

Yemisi Izuora 

The thriving pension scheme in Nigeria has recorded a rise in asset which the regulator currently put at N9.03 trillion as at March 2019.

The National Pension Commission (PenCom), also said  that the Federal Government’s securities gulped well over N6.51 trillion.

The PenCom further revealed that the Pension fund Administrators (PFAs), invested N4.46 trillion amounting to 49.37 per cent in FGN Bonds; N1.94 trillion in Treasury Bills (21.44 per cent); N11.96 billion in Agency Bonds (NMRC & FMBN), (0.13 per cent); N94.11 billion in Sukku (1.04 per cent) and N8.51 billion in Green bonds, (0.09 per cent.), and all of these happened within the same period.

In the same period and in line  with the Multi-fund structure, Retirement Saving Account (RSA) Fund 1, witnessed N12.73 billion investment and RSA Fund 11, recorded N3.99 trillion investment, RSA Fund 111, saw N2.15 trillion investment while RSA Fund IV, recorded N732.13 billion investment.

Available data obtained by Oriental News Nigeria, shows that N596.61 billion, which is 6.54 per cent of the funds, was invested in domestic ordinary shares; while N62.59 billion, amounting to 0.69 per cent in foreign ordinary shares. 

Pension fund operators invested N144.31 billion (1.60 per cent) in State Government’s Securities; Corporate bonds got N463.99 billion (5.4 per cent); Corporate Infrastructure bonds, received N8.64 billion, (0.10 per cent); Corporate Green bonds, N5.46 billion(0.06 per cent) Supra-National Bonds got N5.37 billion (0.06 per cent); local money market, N874.39 billion, (9.68 per cent) commercial papers, N64.46 billion (0.71 per cent); Banks, N809.94 billion (8.97 per cent).

Others are, Reits, N14.27 billion, (0.16 per cent) Foreign Money Market Securities, N22.54 billion, (0.25 per cent); private equity fund, N32.34 billion, (0.36 per cent), Real Estate Properties, N231.37 billion, (2.56 per cent); infrastructure funds, N29.40 billion, (0.33 per cent) and cash & other assets, N25.16 billion, (0.28 per cent). 

The Acting Director-General, PenCom, Mrs. Aisha Dahir-Umar, reacting to these milestones said that the public confidence and acceptability of the Contributory Pension Commission (CPS) has increased and is gradually changing Nigeria’s financial and socio-economic narrative

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  1. Eugene Uduigwome

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    Now that we know that Nigeria’s pension assets stands at 9..0 trillion naira, Pencom should please tell Nigerians how much pension fund companies have made as net profit from the contributions of Nigeria workers since the iniqutious contributory pension scheme, managed by pension fund companies commenced in Nigeria.

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