Nigeria Slams $4000 Fine On Foreigners Who Breaches Visa Stay Limit 

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The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) on Friday says foreigners who overstay the approved limit on their visas would now pay a $4000 fine.

The NIS further said the extent of the fine is also going to be dependent on the number of days overstayed by any particular foreigner with the range from $200 to $4000.

The policy was implemented by the Ministry of Interior in order to serve as an alternate means of revenue generation for the Federal Government.

The implementation of the policy has been contracted to Concec Limited who is charged with the revenue generation and its implementation.

However, this new development is not binding on visitors from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) zone.

In a document recently signed by the Ministry of Interior, a foreigner would be adjudged to have overstayed in the country if he exceeded the number of days approved for him in the visa he obtained from Nigeria.

The document also explained a non-ECOWAS visitor who intended to stay in Nigeria for a period exceeding 56 days, but not beyond 90 days aggregate would be sanctioned with a fine of $200 or the naira equivalent.

A non-ECOWAS visitor who stays over 90 days but not exceeding 180 days aggregate would be fined a sum of $1000 or its naira equivalent.

Besides, any non-ECOWAS visitor who intended to stay in Nigeria or who stayed for a period exceeding 180 days, but not beyond 365 days aggregate in the country would pay to the government the sum of $2000 or its equivalent.

Also, any non-ECOWAS visitor who overstayed in the country without authorisation or regularisation would pay penalty equivalent of $4000.

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