Nigerian Lawyer Named Justice Minister In Canada

Richard Ginika Izuora

A Nigerian, Kaycee Madu, was on Wednesday, August 26, named the minister of justice and solicitor-general of Alberta, Canada.

With this appointment, Kaycee Madu becomes the first African to be appointed Minister of Justice, after an elevation from his previous role as minister for municipal affairs.

According to Jason Kenney, premier of Alberta, this is a very “strong statement,” according to Jason Kenney, premier of Alberta.

His appointment has been described as one that would bring the “needed perspective” and change in the justice system.

Kenney further stated that “at a time when we are all more sensitive to the reality of racial prejudice, I think it is a strong statement that Alberta will have its first justice minister of African origin; first Black Canadian justice minister, attorney-general or solicitor-general.

“He is a man who has experienced racial prejudice first hand, and can bring that sensitivity to this important role.”

Since he left Nigeria 15 years ago, Kaycee Madu has served in different capacities. He has worked for Legal Aid Alberta, and volunteered with the Edmonton Community Legal Centre and the Lawyer Referral Program of the Law Society of Alberta.

The lawyer had his tertiary education at the University of Lagos where he studied law before he was called to bar in the early 2000s.

In 2005, he and his wife who also studied law migrated to Canada where they have been practising.

Their law firm, Tisel Law Office, was established to “provide high quality client-focused legal services as we place the client first, and will work with you to find the best solution for your legal issues.”

In addition to his legal practice, he has also acquired years of experience in the public service in Alberta; he once worked as a senior technical advisor for the Government of Alberta; in areas of legislative and regulatory reviews, operational and strategic public policies; issues management and stakeholder consultation.

Kaycee Madu was elected to the legislative assembly of Alberta in April 2019; and was later appointed minister of municipal affairs.

In 2009, barely four years after arriving in Canada; he was part of a team that received the Premier’s Award of Excellence award (bronze medal category); a recognition preserved for “Alberta Public Service employees as well as select boards; commissions and agencies for superior client service and business-excellence practices.”

As if he has been following recent events in parts of Nigeria; where the federal and state governments are pursuing an upward review of taxes; Madu recently campaigned against increasing taxes during the pandemic; citing “tough times” for people as a reason not to make such move.

“Businesses and citizens are going through tough economic times right now; due to the pandemic and the global financial crisis. The last thing we need is increased taxes,” he said in an August 7 Facebook post.

In a statement published via his Facebook page, Madu, who is expected to bring his legal training and policy experience to use in implementing key democratic reforms; including a review of Alberta’s Police Act said he was “beyond humbled” over his new role.

He said he is determined to make sure Alberta’s justice system represents all its citizens “in a way that is fair and accountable.”

“As I reflect upon my new appointment as the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General; the importance of carrying this ministry forward amid these difficult social and economic times weighs heavily on my mind,” he said.

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