Nigeria’s Accident Bureau To Activate Infographic To Aid Investigation 

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Yemisi Izuora

The Accident Investigative Bureau, AIB, is planning to activate infographic in reporting aircraft accident or incident to enhance information in any such occurrences.

The Chief Executive Officer of the AIB, Mr Akin Olateru,  made the assertion during his opening remarks at a two-day event on “ Industry Engagement on the Review of Accident Reports. “

According to him, the platform which will soon be established, will make use of visual representation of data, like chart or diagram for better clarification of information on accidents.

Olateru stated that the move was also to comply with the best practices to save time in communicating such occurrences to the populace.

“We write hundred pages of documents, making it available in the AIB`s website. Having like 300 pages documentation of incidents, accidents and recommendations among others.

“Today, how many people are actually reading it.

“We want to challenge such practice. What we are doing now is to find a better way of getting those results to the public in an easy and simple way.

“What we are trying to do is to interact in a graphic digital form. We want to employ infographic to digitalise our data base, as the same word documents we have been using. “he said.

Olateru expressed optimism that the new system would begin very soon and would definitely be what the AIB was doing.

According to him, such a new system will make the final reports simple for the airlines to read and understand.

He said the design would equally assist anybody of interest to go to a particular sector rather than flipping through pages upon pages of pieces of documents.

“It is of human factor. You click on animation on the graphic and it tells you everything about what you are looking for. It is about simplifying the way we communicate to the world.

“This has been discussed at the highest level and it has been accepted.

“By the timed we are done, Nigeria will be the first among countries in the world that will come up in this format in reporting aircraft accidents or incidents,” he said.

He expressed optimism that Nigeria would lead the world very soon in terms of investigation reporting system.

He said that the impact of research and development could not be over-emphasised in nation’s building.

He further said that the bureau would keep investing in research and development towards better productivity.

“When you look at it in a critical way, for any institution to progress, and be relevant, we need to invest in research and development. You need to have a feedback system to evaluate and re-evaluate.

“ How do you do this, check your operating system.

“Consider a better way of doing it (system and procedure) and come up with a better way of doing things to enhance productivity.

“That is what we are doing in AIB,” he said.

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