NWA Embarks On Roadshow Against Irregular Migration


Francesca Odimgbe

Campaign against irregular migration received boost in Igando area of Lagos State on Thursday as the Nigerian Woman Association (NWA) facilitated a road-show with foot soildiers to drum support for the message.

Scores of members of the NWA thronged Igando and engaged market men and women on the need to embrace irregular migration and dissuaded the minds of the youths from falling prey to the human traffickers.

Mrs Abosede Mary Otukpe, the Cordinator of the NWA said the group considered it extremely important to counsel the public against the menaces of irregular migration because thousands of Nigerians were being affected.

“It is high time the parents know that traffickers are on the look out for whom to be cajoled into the net of human trafficking. These people would tell you all sorts of stories just to deceive you that you are being taken abroad whereas they are slave drivers that are purely plotting to take you in into slavery, sex trading and undue domestic servitude.

“Please be informed that travelling through the desert, the mediterranean sea and other unapproved routes is dangerous and innimical to your development.’

Speaking, Dr Ajibola Abayomi, the President, Journalists International Forum For Migration (JIFORM) praised the organisers of the event and pledged the full support of the JIFORM for the campaign.

He however demanded that the media be made key stakeholder beyond being invited to cover proceedings always.

“We have always reemphasize that for every Nigerian being lured into irregular migration or human trafficking, a potential future president, governor, Journalist and entrepreneur is being put in boundage. Therefore we are saying include us in your plannings and capacity buildings so that the message will be well delivered.

“The door of the JIFORM is widely opened to further collaboration on anti-irregular migration campaign at short notice any moment” Dr Ajibola promised.

A market woman, Mrs Bose Alonge urged the government to arrest those placing adverts to deceive Nigerians into slavery abroad.

According to her, this would go a long way to stall the antics of human traffickers.

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