Oando Foundation Adopts 88 Schools Nationwide 


…Reveals New Projects As Ot Marks 10th Anniversary

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Yemisi Izuora

Oando Foundation an independent charity founded in 2011 to support the Nigerian Government in achieving its Universal Basic Education goals, has commemorated its tenth year anniversary.

The Foundation was established in 2011 by Oando PLC, Nigeria’s leading indigenous energy  solutions provider, with a mission to radically improve the quality of teaching and learning in Nigerian public primary schools by ensuring access to world class basic education systems.

Its vision is to create a sustainable and successful educational system in Nigeria that educates and empowers children.

Rooted in its belief that the future of the nation and Africa depends on its investment in human capital is also the realisation that children represent the future and basic education in Nigeria needs support and intervention from the private sector, as the Government alone cannot bridge the gap in access to quality education across all levels..

Over the last 10 years and through its flagship Adopt-A-School Initiative (AASI), the Foundation has demonstrated its commitment to actualising every child’s right to quality education by working with multi-layered stakeholders, using integrative and participatory approaches to increase learning opportunities for children in public primary schools in marginalized communities across Nigeria.

The AASI is an integrated and holistic school improvement model that comprises infrastructural development, teacher training, digital literacy, early childcare education, scholarships, stakeholder/community capacity building and other programmes geared towards improving access to quality education.

Commenting on the landmark celebration, Adekanla Adegoke, Head, Oando Foundation said: “The celebration of our 10th anniversary presents a unique opportunity to reflect on the journey so far – our successes, challenges, lessons, and impact. We also consider it a time to deeply appreciate all who have supported the Foundation’s work in diverse ways through the decade; especially our employees (past and present), Board of Trustees, partners, sponsors, volunteers,

mentors, Federal, State and Local Government Education officials, and programme beneficiaries for their invaluable support and collaboration in the execution of our strategic objectives.

As an organization we have evolved, rising to the challenge where cynics abound, exercising faith in the possibility of a transformed public education system; working and collaborating intentionally to see this become a reality. Today, we may not be nearer the end of our nation’s educational challenges, but we can proudly join others to say that Oando Foundation has indeed made a difference.

We look forward to the next decade with great hope and a renewed commitment to do more.”

The Foundations theory of change is predicated on the belief that improving the quality of basic education in Nigeria requires a multifaceted approach focused on whole school development, deploying an ongoing engagement with adopted schools for several years, rather than a one-off donation experience.

This approach has led to the successful adoption of 88 schools across the nation, building and renovating 249 classrooms and Early Childcare Centers, enrolling 60,955 out-of school children (OOSC) with a cumulative retention rate of 77 per cent the establishment of 39 ICT centers, upskilling 2,832 teachers and 210 headteachers via our teacher training programme, empowering local communities to support school improvement processes, to name a few.

The sustainability of Oando Foundation’s Adopt-A-School model is hinged on effective community engagement and stakeholder partnerships both locally and internationally. Notable amongst these are partnerships with Japanese based company Sumitomo Chemical Ccompany. establish ICT Centres in public primary schools across Nigeria; Educate A Child to support the enrollment of out-of-school children; The Education Partnership, amongst others.

Commenting on the milestone celebration, Dr. Adeyemi Adeyemi, Implementing Partner, said, “It’s with pleasure that we celebrate Oando Foundation at 10. We are implementing partners to the Foundation across 6 states of the Federation – Kwara, Sokoto, Katsina, Ekiti, Kaduna and Plateau States. The Foundation has done and continues to do so much across these states all towards making the school environment safe for learners. They provide capacity building for teachers to improve their teaching skills, enable community members demand accountability as well as support school improvement programmes.

They are building infrastructure including boreholes, toilets and wash bays. One of the benefits of the sanitation projects they implemented is that it ensured we adopted regular handwashing practice even before the COVID-19 pandemic, all as a result of the foresight of the Foundation. We are proud to be a part of their success story.”

Xiaou Shubata, from Sumitomo Chemical, Tokyo Japan said, “We thank Oando Foundation for their partnership with us to in realizing our wish of improving the education standards for children in Africa. We have built centres for computer education through this partnership and provided children in Nigeria with much-needed ICT skills and knowledge.

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