On The Erection Of Ummul khair Central Mosque and Islamic Centre

The attention of the Catholic Diocese of Ilorin has been drawn to a radio program which was aired on Harmony FM. Idofian by Imma Abubakar Ali-Agan on the morning of Friday, 9th April, 2021 portraying that the consent of the Catholic Diocese of Ilorin was sought before the erection of the Ummul Khair Central Mosque and Islamic Centre. We have also also read the press release by the General Manager, Kwara State Physical Planning Authority in which it was sad that the Catholic Diocese of Ilorin came to the State Office to inform Town Planning Officials that an agreement has been reached and a Memorandum of Understanding signed in order that the two worship centers should be allowed to co – exist side -by- side, an action which is contrary to the law of the land.
In the light of this, the Catholic Diocese of Ilorin wish to inform the general public that, permission was never given for a mosque to be built side – by- side her Bishop’s house and Secretariat, neither submit any Memorandum of Understanding, nor informed the State officials of any mutual agreement.

General public take note.


Very Rev. Fr. Daniel Iletogbe
Chancellor, Catholic Diocese of Ilorin
Wed, 21st April, 2021


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