Onitiri Asks Government To Prosecute Those Who Killed Protesters 

Yemisi Izuora

Lagos-based socio-political activist and critic,  Chief  Adesunbo Onitiri, yesterday condemned in strongest terms, the killing and maiming of harmless, peaceful protesters at the Lekki tollgate on Tuesday.

In a statement in Lagos, Chief Onitiri described those responsible for the armed attacks as sadists that should be exposed to the public.

He also expressed sadness over various other killings in Lagos and many other parts of the country by securitymen, describing the situation as a sad moment for the nation.

“I am at this crucial moment in our nation amidst national crisis express my heartfelt sympathy to all the affected families and demanded adequate  compensation to their families and dependents without delay,”.

The  social critic  asked President Muhammadu Buhari to fish out whoever ordered  soldiers to disperse unarmed youths on peaceful protests with life bullets. The government should not tell the nation that unknown soldiers were responsible.

“As a patriot and one of those that fought for this fledging democracy we, need to speak up in the interests of our nation, our future generation and young Nigerians yet unborn.

“We need to preserve our young democracy and future of our youths. We don’t want more bloodshed of our youths. What happened last Tuesday was very despecable and a rape of our constitution.

“For our military to openly mow down our defenceles youths holding our national flag and singing our national anthem is to say the least, very absurd, and unacceptable.

“The soldiers that participated in the genocide of our youths  at the Lekki toll gate must definitely be brought to justice.

The ENDSARS  PEACEFUL PROTEST is a legitimate right of our youths under our constitution.

“It is a breach of our constitution to use our army to mow down the youths. The demands of the youths must be attended to and can never be swept away”,he stated.

As a father of the nation, Onitiri urged Buhari should without further delay speak to the youths on their five-point agenda, so as to douse the tension in the country and stop further bloodshed.

Chief Onitiri  reminded President Buhari that in 2014, he Buhari, led similar protests against what saw as injustice and no military force was used to shoot him and other protesters down.

Chief Onitiri expressed disappointment that the government had woefully failed this nation in the area of economy, security and fight against corruption and the youths are angry.

“There is gross unemployment amongst our teeming youths. The future of our youths is mortgaged  with foreign loans.

He called on the government to remedy the ugly situation in the country.

He also called on the people in government to seek the peace of the land and pursue the unity of the people. They should not introduce tribal and religion into this youth protest, as it will be so easy to do and bring down the country.

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