Open Africa Power programme looking for new energy graduates

Open Africa Power programme looking for new energy graduates -

Open Africa Power 2022 is open for applications from young energy professionals. The programme affords graduates a chance to study at the top academic institutions in Italy and Africa.

Open Africa Power 2022 will be comprised of online and residential modules from academic institutions such as Strathmore University, Kenya; the University of Cape Town; Politecnico di Milano; SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan; Florence School of Regulation; and Venice International University.

Initiated by Enel Foundation in 2018 and co-managed by Sustainable Energy for All (SEforAll), the Open Africa Power programme provides young energy professionals with technical, regulatory and business skills needed to make Africa’s sustainable energy future possible for all.

This year the programme will engage up to 150 African students and more than 240 alumni. At least half of the programme participants are women.

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO and Enel Foundation Chairman: “Open Africa Power is aimed at reaching young minds, young people and mostly women, and give everybody the opportunity to learn about energy, about power, and train them in order to include the brightest minds in this huge opportunity that Africa is undergoing right now.”

Damilola Ogunbiyi, SEforAll CEO and Co-Chair of UN-Energy said in order to look to the future for solutions to challenges we must create opportunities for women and youth. “This partnership between SEforAll and the Open Africa Power Programme aims to leverage the platform to create energy leaders of tomorrow.”

The Digital African Module runs for eight weeks between May and June and will explore the fundamentals of the global electricity sector through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals. It will cover:

  • Renewables technology, regulation, economics;
  • Network technology, regulation, economics; and
  • ICT digitalisation of the electricity industry.

The Regulation for SDG7 Online Course is a five-month course running from May to October. It will give participants a comprehensive overview of how to design the appropriate policy and regulatory framework needed to ensure sustainable energy for all. You have to complete this course successfully to be enrolled in the Italian Module.

The Italian Module runs in-country from October to November, dependent on the evolution of travel restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This two-week residential module allows the top performers of the first two modules to explore the new frontiers of the electricity sector and experience first-hand innovation.  Participants will interact with prestigious academic partners and research representatives; meet government, business and non-profit organisation leaders; engage in dialogue around issues of Africa’s clean energy future; and visit sites of innovative electricity technologies.

Once the Italian module is completed alumni of previous programmes get involved in teaching activities related to Enel Foundation education initiatives in Africa through a Give Back Module.

The Open Africa Power selection process is an open, merit-based competition and applications close on 3 April 2022. The programme is not open to undergraduates. Graduates from African universities who are between 24 and 35 years old by 3 May 2022; citizens of African countries or currently residing in an African country; or planning to relocate to an African country by the end of 2022, can apply.

Applicants must be eligible to travel to Italy. Check the Open Africa Programme online for further eligibility criteria and how to apply.- ESI Africa

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