Pastor Who Impregnated 2 Sisters Arrested

Richard Ginika Izuora

A Nigerian Pastor assigned to the Lord’s Chosen Denomination in Oshodi, Lagos has reportedly impregnated two sisters and promised to marry the older of the sisters.

The Pastor identified as Pastor Nduka Anyanwu allegedly took advantage of the two young sisters, aged 17 and 13 respectively.

According to a Non Governmental Organization, NGO known as Stop The Abuse, Nduka allegedly began raping the younger girl when she was just nine and began raping the older girl when she was 16.

They also alleged that the parents of the girls knew but allowed the pastor to carry on; because he told them it’s the only way he could remove the “spiritual mark” on them that “repels good things”.

When he was eventually taken by a team of advocates from Stop The Abuse Foundation; the parents of the girls allegedly tried to defend him.

The parents refused his arrest based on the fact that he is a man of God; and he has already promised to marry their older daughter.

According to the NGO, the pastor said that he wants the older sister to keep the pregnancy and he’ll marry her; but asked that the younger sister abort her pregnancy because what happened between them was a mistake.

Police officers at the Makinde Police Station arrested the pastor and he is now in their custody.

He has said he wants the older girl to keep the pregnancy because he wants to marry her; but, that the younger one should abort her own pregnancy as sexually defiling her was a mistake which he regretted; even though he has had carnal knowledge of her uncountable times.

The  pastor who claims he is a minister from the Lord’s Chosen Church, Canaan land branch, Oshodi has been sexually defiling the younger girl since she was 9 years old and the older girl since she was 16 years under the pretext that she had a spiritual mark on her body that repels good things and the only way to remove the mark was to have carnal knowledge of her.

She refused vehemently and reported to her parents who insisted that she must accept.

The Drama, however, ensued when a team of advocates from Stop The Abuse Foundation; and Child Advocates; and Vulnerable Person’s Network tried to get him arrested with the help of policemen from Makinde Police Station, Oshodi.

The parents of the survivors adamantly refused the arrest of the abuser because he is a man of God; and has already promised to marry their older daughter.

He was eventually arrested by the determined police officers who refused to be compromised.

Thanks to the DPO of Makinde Police Station and his able and gallant police officers.”

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