PDP More Committed To Salvage Nigeria- Wike 

PDP 'll rescue Nigeria in 2023 - Wike – The Sun Nigeria

Moses Ofodeme

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has said that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has the confidence and commitment to take Nigeria off its present state of hopelessness.

Wike declared this on Monday, March 8, during the commissioning of Rumuji-Ibaa-Obele-Isiokpo road in the Emohua Local Government Area of the state.

“This is a party that Nigerians have seen, Rivers State has seen that we have the confidence, we have the commitment to save Nigeria,” he said.

“Let them tell us what they have done for Rivers State. I hear they want to flag off railway gauge to Maiduguri. Is that what we need? That is not our project. You want to build Bonny Deep Sea, for how many years?”

The Governor called on the people of the state not to be deceived by politicians anymore, noting that many political elites make promises just to woo the masses into joining their parties.

According to Wike, politicians must be held accountable for their actions and promises made during the electioneering period.

“It is not just to make promises in order to attract people. Make promises and fulfill it. The time has come that we must hold politicians responsible.

“We must hold them accountable for whatever they tell us. It is not when they tell you story finish; after voting they abandon you.”

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