Police Arrests 2 Women For Selling Weapons To Bandits

Richard Ginika Izuora

The Police have arrested two women for alleged involvement in illegal possession and illicit sale of prohibited firearms.

Hafsat Adamu, 24, and Aisha Ibrahim, 30, were nabbed alongside nine others for aiding and perpetrating violent crimes including kidnapping and armed robbery in the north-western region of the country.

Force Spokesman Frank Mba, revealed that the 11-man- syndicate relied on the women to carry out their operations.

According to Mba, the suspects rely on them to “transport their weapons from one point to another, taking advantage of the innocuous look and sentiments associated with their gender”.

The Police said they also arrested a trans-national car theft syndicate specialized in stealing cars from Nigeria and smuggling the same to the Niger Republic and other neighbouring countries.

Mba,  revealed that a total of 15 cars were recovered as well as two jamming devices used by the suspects in moving the stolen vehicles undetected.

According to him, the Police recently arrested a total of 34 suspects including 32-male and 2-female were arrested.

Also, it recovered 11 high-calibre grenades, 11 sophisticated firearms and 389 AK-47 ammunition, amongst others.

“All the suspects will be charged to court on conclusion of investigations,” Mba said.

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