Presidency Argues N1.3Bn Too Small For State House Clinic

Joseph Bakare

The Presidency, on Thursday, November 5, argued that the N1.3billion allocated to the State House clinic is inadequate for the ‘status of the principals’ to be served.

This was contained in a statement issued by the State House Permanent Secretary, Tijani Umar.

According to the Presidency, the clinic is no longer in a comatose condition.

In 2017, the First Lady, Aisha Buhari accused the management of the State House of mismanaging the Clinic.

In the exposé, Mrs. Buhari said the clinic has not even a ‘single syringe.’ but Umar claimed the clinic is now in good condition.

“It is not correct to say the State House clinic is in comatose. It is not. We have realigned many things…One of the fundamental challenges we have dealt with is the sustainable supply of drugs and consumables.

“Don’t forget that this is derived from the budget. We have appealed to the committee to assist us with the presidential wing of the statehouse clinic.

“The N1.3 billion is absolutely inadequate when you juxtapose the amount proposed and the labour – the status of the principals that that project is going to serve and you compare with worldwide standards you see that it is not anything near what we need. It is considered a legacy project for us because we want to leave something down,” the Presidency explained.

In his response, the Chairman of the Committee, Danjuma Leah said that the President should stop traveling overseas for medical treatment and he should use the hospitals in the Country.

“Our president is not a man to be taken out anytime or anything that happens to him on sickness matter.

“He must attend our clinic here and we must make sure that we equip our hospital to the best of our ability so that any emergency will be first taken care of here before flying out if the need arises.

“It is already approved [1.3 billion for state house clinic]. I want this thing done and I want the credit to go to the whole committee – leave a legacy for the statehouse, that the clinic we requested was done within the shortest time.

“Oversight will be done monthly if all that is needed is provided and we will give two years to complete it.”

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