Punch Journalist, Others Abducted In Abuja 

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Moses Ofodeme

A PUNCH Newspaper journalist Okechukwu Nnodim has been abducted by kidnappers in Abuja.

The incident was confirmed by the spokesperson of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT Police, Miriam Yusuf.

She revealed that the Police had set up a man-hunt for the culprits.

Nnodim was abducted from his home in the Arab road area of Kubwa, Abuja, on Wednesday at about 11pm. In addition to the PUNCH reporter, the kidnappers also attacked his neighbours; eventually leaving as well with the two sons of a widow, Mrs Faith Gbeyide.

Oluchi Nnodim, wife of the PUNCH reporter, disclosed that her husband was working at home when his abductors struck.

She stated that the kidnappers were armed and numbered about five. They had gained access to the compound by scaling the fence and ordered them to open the door. Further, she revealed that the kidnappers had fired several shots at the windows, before pulling down the burglary proof after which they forced open the front door.

“My husband asked me to stay with the children in their room. I heard the men asking him to bring out money but he told them he didn’t have money in the house. They took our phones and marched him out of the house. They went to our neighbour’s house and also abducted her two sons,’’ Oluchi said.

On her part, the widow, Gbeyide explained that her son opened the door after the men threatened to kill them if they refused.

‘‘’They took the N9,000 in my purse, upturned the TV set in the room and went away with my first son. My second son started following them and they also took him away.”

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