Schneider Electric Restate Commitment To Quality Services

Yemisi Izuora

Schneider Electric Nigeria is rolling out service centres for solar solutions for its customers in order to provide optimum after-sales services and grow local intimacy with its customers.

To this end, the company held the Conext Hybrid Inverter Service Training Program at its Electric Engineering and Solutions Center in Lagos.

Selected partners were invited to the training which was conducted by L3 Solar Expert, Dr. Gerry Paz, from Schneider Electric Australia.

Participants were trained on how to install and service Schneider Electric Solar solutions. The Training also presented participants with the skills to carry out Hands-on Troubleshooting as well as Inverter Assembly and Testing, that will enable them to provide end users with direct competent after-sales support.

Commenting on the Training, Dr. Gerry Paz explained that the program will definitely enable the partners to offer the needed support to end users after sales and installation.

”This training will help to ensure that Schneider Electric solar inverters are installed and maintained according to its high international standards.

This activity underscores Schneider Electric’s commitment to Nigeria and reflects the company’s effort to provide top-quality products with a view to advancing the Nigerian solar industry“, he stated.

Speaking to journalists concerning the training, Mr. Ifeanyi Odoh, Schneider Electric’s Regional Sales Manager for West Africa, Solar Business, said “The main objective of the training is to strengthen our relationship with end-users and ensure that Schneider Electric’s commitment to the long-term performance of its solar solutions is maintained. In Nigeria, consumers expectations in solar are yet to be fulfilled as sub-standard solutions have come short of their promise.

Schneider Electric thrives as it differentiates itself from the market with quality products that enable end users to rest confident that, as they choose Schneider Electric products, they opt for guaranteed return on investment and availability of local support”.

Speaking further, Mr. Odoh stated that the solar Inverter market has maintained a certain a growth trajectory. ”With the increasing demand we have had since last year, we don’t just want to sell our solutions, we want to be close to our end customers”, he reiterated.

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