Somgstress Muma Gee On Her Crashed Marriage 

Richard Ginika Izuora

Nigerian songstress, Muma Gee real name Gift Iyumame Eke has spoken up on her failed marriage with her estranged husband, Prince Eke.

According to the singer-songwriter, she tried her best to keep the marriage intact, however, it failed.

Muma Gee and Prince Eke got married in 2011 and went their separate ways in 2016 over allegations of infidelity.

Muma Gee opened up on how her marriage to the actor failed. She hinted that her estranged husband woke up one morning and decided to walk out of their marriage.

She said it is a big disgrace that their marriage failed but that God knows she did her best and that the fault wasn’t hers.

During the interview session, here is what Muma Gee said about her broken home.

While responding to a question on how she took time off from the music scene to get married, the singer said.

”Yeah, I did actually, but I am a deep person and as such, I have a deep understanding of my responsibility as a woman.

I believe that one of the duties I have to fulfill here on earth is motherhood, and that includes getting married and building a family with a partner.

In fact, where I come from, we do not believe in divorce or separation.

Coupled with my Christian background, it was a huge disgrace that my marriage failed; but God in heaven knows I did my best and the fault wasn’t from me.”

When asked if she will give marriage another chance, she said.

People say ‘never say never’ but the black dungeon that that ex put me through made me go blank for men.

She continued;

“For years, I lost it for men.

It is difficult even though I am trying to revive myself; but you know what I say always, the grace of God is upon my life; and I am learning again to see how I can give love a chance and how I can forgive men again.

One guy made me hate men, and trust me, because of my spiritual belief; and because I am on a spiritual mission on earth, God will always direct my steps; and if He says I should remarry, I will remarry.

If He says I am not going to remarry, I am cool with that.

Marriage for me was bondage; it is supposed to be a thing of joy, but I saw hell!”

The singer also revealed she is a victim of Female Genital mutilation; and gave an account of how it grossly affected her sex life.

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