Let me start by saying that Ambrose Alli University, (AAU) Ekpoma takes exception to the negative reports against her and some of her prominent staff. We believe that whoever is behind these false reports should either come out clearly to substantiate the sex-for-grade allegation or desist from further spreading falsehood because those who have sinister motives against their fellow lecturers will not go unpunished.

I’d like to use this medium to share some very important views of which I know that many like minds will also benefit from. To start with, it is clear that some sponsored media publications have been directed at denting the image of the distinguished Vice Chancellor of Ambrose Alli University, Prof. (Mrs.) Cordillia Agbabaku, whose tenure has been progressive and eventful. Professor Agbabaku is a woman with the heart of a true mother and whose primary concern is to see that the good name of the institution is maintained. She gives equal treatment to all students. She is a woman whose tenure has brought about peace and development to the university and the entire community at large. She has also put smiles on the faces of students by providing extra lecture rooms/ultra-modern lecture halls intended to create space for conducive teaching and learning.

The sponsored media reports have also been directed at her husband, Prof. Philip E. Agbebaku, with a view to denting her integrity and declare her unfit for the position of Vice Chancellor for which she has already found favour.

Prof. Philip E. Agbebaku was wrongly linked to a case of sexual harassment involving Miss Joy Edobor and a petition sent to the ICPC on behalf of the said Joy Edobor – who was never a student of the institution in the first place – alleging sexual harassment.

The truth need to be told that Miss Joy Edobor, who claims to be a student of the Department of Political Science, was never a student of the Department. She was never admitted into the Department by the school in the first place as she did not possess the requisite qualification as at the time she was purported to have gained admission. This is why after her initial four years at the institution, she could not graduate and undertake the required verification exercise to confirm her studentship. This made her abandon her studies on her own for another five years and later resurfaced to resume because she was now able to use money and her body to buy her way through verification with the help of one notorious lecturer, Dr. Augustine Aghemelo in the Department of Political Science who at that time was seconded to assist on the verification unit. He later assisted her with the fraudulent verification process. Dr. Augustine Aghemelo is presently on suspension for atrocities he committed at the department including but not limited to sexual harassment of a married woman and the deliberate removal of students’ examination booklets after examinations to make them write extension courses or agree to his demands for sex.

After Miss Edobor was cleared into the department, she wrote and failed all her extension courses. Her examination booklets are readily available for public scrutiny. These drowning fellows plotted to rob Prof. Philip Agbebaku – who is one lecturer that has self-discipline, with their infectious disease. It will interest you to note that because Prof. Agbebaku was very strict, when Miss Joy Edobor and her collaborators could not have their way, they then resorted to blackmail. At the time Joy Edobor came back to write her extension courses, Prof. Agbebaku had long left the position of Head of Department. Mr. Chizea Bona, a close associate and confidant of Dr. Augustine Aghemelo, took over as Head of Department. Both are currently on suspension for several fraudulent activities at the department. The duo conspired to libel Prof. Agbebaku, because they boasted initially that he will never have peace and that they will do everything within their power to frustrate his tenure or stay in the university and make him uncomfortable because, he, (Prof. Agbebaku) is iconic and not anti-student.

The last paragraph of the false publication (published at and gives a clear direction as to the evil intention of the publication. The story reads, “In spite of the allegations of banal crimes hovering over the VC’s and her husband’s head, they keep lobbying to have her tenure elongated so that they could perpetuate more evils. The world is watching what will be the response of the Governing Council and the Visitor who have been romancing corruption”. Their plot is to discredit the Vice Chancellor (Prof. Mrs. Cordillia Agbabaku) and her highly respected husband – Prof. P.E. Agbebaku so that the State government would consider her unfit for the job of Vice Chancellor.


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