Suspected thugs demolish almost completed building owned by blind man

Suspected thugs demolish almost completed building owned by blind man -

Suspected thugs demolish almost completed building owned by blind man

Ihekwuenu-Aku autonomous community in Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area of Enugu State is under tension following demolition of a two-bedroom apartment under construction that belongs to Anibueze Nnadi, a visually impaired person, by unidentified persons over land ownership dispute.


The building has been roofed with aluminium roofing sheets, plastered and was receiving finishing touches.

It was completely pulled down on Thursday afternoon by men believe to be paid thugs.

Speaking in tears, the 65-year-old blind man said he was surprised that somebody would contemplate hiring thugs to destroy the house a philanthropist was building for him.

Nnadi said: “It was out of pity that one Mr. Okechukwu Ezeamagu asked me to show him a place so that he can build a house for me because the present place I’m living is one-room mud house with leaking roof.

“I heard that our traditional ruler is laying claim to the land, telling people that
the land belongs to him, but it is complete lie.

“It is because I am blind, poor and the only male surviving child in my own immediate family that he wants to take away my ancestral land from me.

“I call on government and spirited individuals in the society to come to my rescue by ensuring that my ancestral land is not forcefully taken away from me because l am poor and blind.”

Nnadi also urged government to ensure that the person who hired thugs and the thugs who pulled down the two-bedroom that was being built for him by a kind hearted kinsman were brought to justice.

In his reaction, Okechukwu said he decided to build the house for the blind man because he is living in an old and unhealthy mud house without a wife and children.

He said: “I decided to build the demolished house for the blind man because he is living in a mud house with leaking roof as he neither has wife nor children.

“I am from the community.

“I know that the land belongs to the blind man.

“Even before I started the building, I consulted elders in the area who also attested that the land belongs to the blind.

“Anybody laying claim to the land is probably doing so because the man is poor, blind and helpless.”

Sylvester Okpe, the eldest man in the community, described the action of person or persons who pulled down the house being built for the blind man as abomination, insisting that the land belongs to Nnadi.

Okpe said: “We condemn the action of whosoever is that is behind the pulling of that house.

“We have started our investigation on this issue and any member of the community found guilty will be sanctioned.

“That land is part of ancestral lands of the blind man as his forefathers also lived there.

“Any person who says that land doesn’t belong to the blind man is a liar and is doing that because the man is poor and blind.”

When contacted, the traditional ruler of of the community, HRH Igwe Chris Okwor, said he was not aware of any two-bedroom being constructed for a blind

man that was pulled down by any hired thugs.

Okwor however said the land that a two bedroom was being built belongs to him.

He said: “Let me tell you they are not building any house for the blind man.

“Some people are using the pretence of building a house for the man to acquire my land.” – Saturday Sun.

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