Take your sexual health seriously, delegate urges lawyers

A senior Nigerian lawyer, Mrs Tare Dite-Ojoko, on Tuesday advised lawyers to create time for sexual wellness as a means of easing off stress.

Dite-Ojoko spoke at the 61st Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA-AGC) holding in Port Harcourt.

The theme of the 2021 conference is, “Taking the lead.”

The conference is a hybrid of both virtual and physical participation.

Speaking at a technical breakout session with the topic, “Wellness of the Attorney,” Dite-Ojoko noted that most lawyers were often overwhelmed by fatigue owing to the demands of their profession, and did not care to ease off.

She noted that sex is a very vital element of wellness recommended for every individual, as it has its own soothing effects.

“This particular session is on sexual health and I am going to take the gloves off.

“If you are not fine mentally, sex is difficult to be enjoyed; most people think lawyers are too up tight and so, there is the need to reflect on your sexual health as a way out.

“Sexual health is a state of your mental, social, emotional and physical wellbeing in relation to your sexuality.

“There are factors that affect your sexual health and one of these is the stress factor for which Nigeria is not an exception,” she said

According to her, some people who feel stressed up often consider issues of sex as the least paramount in their minds as they even consider sex as stress itself.

It is possible that good sex can lower your stress level because good sex can release oxytocin which is the “feel-good” hormone which can help you bounce out of stress,” she said

According to her, sex also gives you a glow as a woman and so when you see a woman wake up in the morning and is “singing”, it is possible she had had a good sex.

Dite-Ojoko noted that it was unfortunate that most people did not consider the health benefits of sexual satisfaction, and thus, they wallowed daily in this ignorance

“I once counselled a woman who complained to me that she was always stressed up as she went to work daily by 5 a.m. and returned in the evening and so, she considered sex a double stress.

“A majority of the illnesses we face today are stress-driven and so, as lawyers, we must figure out a modest way around it.

“There is no award for the busiest person on earth, so take out time to rest because if rest can be packaged into a pillow, it will be the world’s most sold pillow.

“Good eating habit is also a prime factor for easing stress; so, as lawyers, don’t just eat to fill your tummy, eat right and responsibly,” she said

Dite-Ojoko also urged lawyers to create a template of managing stress, as every job would continue even where the best worker died.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the conference which began on Oct. 22 is billed to run till Oct. 29.

It has over 10,000 registered Nigerian lawyers in attendance. (NAN)

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