Turkish Airlines Adds Republic Of Congo’s Pointe-Noire To iIts Flight Network.

Yemisi Izuora
Turkish Airlines, has added Republic of Congo’s second biggest city, Pointe-Noire to its flight network as its 58th destination in Africa. National flag carrier will operate three weekly flights to Pointe-Noire with a connection in Libreville.
With Pointe Noire, the port city next to Atlantic Ocean, Turkish Airlines expanded its flight network to 125 countries and 313 destinations. Thus, flag carrier further cemented its position as the airline that flies to more destinations in the continent of Africa than any other airline.
During the press conference held for the opening of Pointe-Noire frequency, Turkish Airlines Senior Vice President for Sales (2nd Region), Kerem Sarp said; “With this inaugural Pointe-Noire flight, we increased our destinations to 58 in the continent of Africa. As the flag carrier of Turkey, we cement our position as the airline that flies to more destinations in Africa than any other airline in line with our growth strategy in this continent. Our new flights will offer new opportunities for us to increase our existing cultural connections in the Republic of Congo. We will continue to spread the Turkish hospitality and the continuous travel experience to a wider area in the future.”
The flight days are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. To view the flight schedules please visit www.turkishairlines.com, contact the call center at +90 212 444 0849 or visit any Turkish Airlines sales office.

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