What Nigerians should demand to honour June 12- Erubami

Mr Mashood Erubami, the President, Nigeria Voters Assembly (VOTAS), says Nigerians ought to demand for genuine democracy, true federalism, and power devolution, as they celebrate June 12.

Erubami, the Convener of VOTAS, is a Development Finance Expert and a former President of Campaign for Democracy (CD), said this in a statement on Sunday, in Ibadan.

He said that the demands as Nigerians celebrate June 12, should be upgraded to call for a genuine democracy, true federalism with power devolution.

The VOTAS president said that devolution of powers would unbundle the Federal Government of its exclusive executive lists.

“Fiscal federalism will authenticate control of revenues through a bottom-to-top approach, creation of State Police with Agriculture, Health, infrastructural facilities development, Education and Local Security under the states,” he said.

Erubami urged all stakeholders to move beyond the unmet demands, from the then Military regimes to the civilian administration, and subsequent administrations that have been consolidating civil governance ever since.

He said that as Nigeria moves towards the 2023 general elections, the demand for equity in the annulment of June 12, should interrogate the totality of its unmet expectations.

He said that 28 years after the annulment of the June 12 election, the inherent victory of MKO Abiola across the length and breadth of Nigeria, was partly acknowledged by President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, about two years ago.

The former CD president said that Abiola had a great vision to rebuild Nigeria before joining the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

He said further that Abiola had identified issues believed to be hindering the country’s development, saying he was set to uplift, rebuild, and restore hopes of Nigerians, through his ‘farewell to poverty’ programme.

“With the annulment, these hopes were lost, along with the mandate, including the key principles that were inherent in the election.

“The avowed unity among Nigerian electorates across the country, the jettisoning of religious bigotry and ethnic alignment.

“The loss of opportunities of a first time in many years of political power transfer from the north to the south, and from the military regimes to civilian administration,” he said.

He said that the painful death of Chief Abiola and murder of his wife, Kudirat, and many other democrats who participated in the June 12 struggles, were part of the irreparable losses from the annulment.

“As we celebrate the 28th ‘June 12’, after 1993, Nigerians are not yet satisfied with what had been granted so far because, the framework set to be achieved by June 12 in 1993, are yet to be seen achieved.

“1993 was to be a year of hope, fulfillment for the ethnic nationalities, youths, women, and every citizen, when it was planned that hunger and poverty were to end in Nigeria.

“There is more disunity, ethnic rules, and religious bigotry prevailed more than ever before! ” he said.

He added that Nigeria must be on the right paths of reconstruction, newness, rebirth, equity and Justice, for June 12 to be properly celebrated.

The VOTAS president said that Nigeria must be governed under true federalism with unbiased devolution of powers, fiscal federalism, and the centre thoroughly unbundled.

He demanded payment of huge compensation to the late Chief Abiola’s family while his name be put among past presidents, as a reversal of the annulment. (NAN)

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