YES Party Says Resourceful Leadership Is What Nigeria Needs In 2019 

Hyacinth Chinweuba

Mr. Lanre Ijaola, the National Publicity Secretary of YES Electorates Solidarity, has said that the party is building bridges across the country with a view to drive a change that will restore the country’s political and economic strength.

He said the party which is one of the twenty one (21) newly registered political parties in Nigeria believes that INEC is an Independent body and will do the needful during the election.

“We are keen to learn, build and work in a structure and a new platform and party that majority of Nigerians, Africa and the World will be celebrating. With such, look forward to how you can facilitate your inputs where you are and how your new dream will become a reality” Ijaola told ORIENTAL NEWS Nigeria, in an interview.

“What we need most currently is to join hands to salvage Nigeria by propagating the ideals YES represents. We must always bear in mind, as I said before, that internal cooperation is the first law of external competition. The ethos of our party is yes to better Nigeria, yes to good education, yes to quality healthcare, yes to everything good for the Nigerian people”. 

“We have seen a lot of Nigerians in diaspora doing greatly, they would not have left the shores of the country if the system was working, they are doing great things for other countries. We need to get them back home to make this country better.”

On the need to register new party when there are arrays of political parties in the country, Ijaola said democracy is for the people, they should have equal representation with whichever platform, so that their voice can be heard. “We ensured that we got registered so that our voice can be heard.”

Money bags have hijacked the political system, that is why we don’t see the growing impact of young parties coming up, because the bigger parties have the wherewithal to run the structure of the party in all the strata, but with the emergence of more political parties now, they can form big coalition to wrestle power from the ruling party.

According to Ijaola “We stand alone, we are not going to sell our party structure to any moneybag or any other party, we’ve done it before and we’ll do it again, we want to prove that we believe in the Nigerian constitution that says security of lives and property and the general welfare of citizens is paramount, and that is what we set out to do,”

Ijaola says, YES is set to revamp our nation’s economy through the creation of qualitative employment for the youths. The party says its candidate will also implement the political and economic restructuring of our nation in a manner that will engender unity, inclusiveness in governance and upliftment in the general standard of living for all our people. 

YES, known internationally for their forthrightness, hardwork, ingenuity and managerial competencies, guarantees a prudent and result-oriented administration that will liberate our nation from the economic shackles that the present Administration wasteful, notoriously incompetent, and deceptive administration has plunged us into.

What Nigerians earnestly desire now is a resourceful President, not an incompetent leader who lacks the capacity to run a complex economy; who stays aloof and completely insensitive to the plights of citizens, while providing official cover for his officials to fritter away trillions of naira from our beleaguered national treasury.

“Nigerians seek a President who will not watch helplessly while marauders and insurgents kill our brothers and sisters in their numbers; whose only achievement is plunging our nation into economic recession, collecting foreign loans and accumulating debts with nothing to show” Ijaola said.

This 2019 election is therefore, a direct referendum on these failures and the determination of Nigerians to choose a new leader who will rescue our nation from the throes of hunger and starvation. The forthcoming general election will never be about character assassination or mouthing some worn-out sloganeerings about corruption but will be about a demonstrable capacity to deliver on the mandate.

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