Young Lady Commits Suicide After Reporting Sexual Molestation

Richard Ginika Izuora

The young lady identified as Renua Giwa-Amu, who is the daughter of popular clergyman Femi Giwa-Amu, has reportedly committed suicide.

The young Nigerian lady reportedly took her life on Saturday, December 26.

Renua had reportedly taken to her Instagram story on December 26; to reveal that she was going to commit suicide while warning members of her family not to mourn her as they obviously do not care about her.

Earlier this year, the young lady had called out her famous father on social media accusing him of molesting her as a child; she said it happened on numerous occasions.

Renua had alleged that her father molested and also sexually abused many young girls that were put under his care.

According to her, he is such a despicable pedophile; who sexually abused numerous other underage children that it got to a point in time her friends refused to visit her at home for fear of being defiled by her father.

Read what she published below.


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