Youth Foundation Seeks Buhari’s Support For Police Reform

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Yemisi Izuora
Youth Alive Foundation, YAF, has cried out over what it described as excessive police brutality targeting the youths in Nigeria.

In a statement issued in Lagos during a press conference organized by Network On Police Reform in Nigeria, NOPRIN, the group eulogized NOPRIN and other concerned organizations that have contributed immensely to the Police Reforms campaign
which has given birth to the Police Reform Bill

“As a member of NOPRIN, our interest on the subject matter rest on the fact that youths are major victims of the  atrocities  of  an  unreformed  Nigerian  Police  Force.  As  a  youth organization  that  works  with  and  for  youths  in  Nigeria,  we  know
youths deserve better
.  Police corruption and brutality has directly increased youth crime and human  right  abuse.  Youths  in  Nigeria  have  suffered  from  unlawful
 and  extortion,  Invasion  of  privacy,  and  irresponsible
conduct by police officers, YAF said in the statement signed by Chamberlain Etukdoh
Project Coordinator, Lagos.

The group recalled Kolade who was killed by police for  committing  no  crime  other  than  being  a  sport  lover, saying that such  an avoidable death, is a result of Police rascality/incompetence. 
 also  remember  that  to  be  a  woman  is  not  a  crime  and  abuse 
against any woman is an abuse against society, 
we hereby condemn the Abuja raid on women. The Police Force  must be reformed to  reflect the society we live in
today, hence the importance of the police reforms bill. The reforms
ould  boost  youth  confidence  in  the  police  force  and  improve  the 
strained relationship between the police and the Nigerian Youth.  
We fear that police brutality is increasing rather than decreasing by
the day
.  Youth Alive Foundation joins her voice with other CSO’s on
this coalition/network to call on President Muhammed Buhari to grant
 to  the  Police  Reforms  Bill.  We  call  on  our  President  to  save
Nigerian Youth by signing the bill”, the statement added.
According to Etukdoh, The police reform bill is positioned to address gender discrimination and 
 human  rights  abuse,  ensure  funding  for  policing  and  police
welfare, and arbitrary arrest/detention. Youth Alive Foundation will
continue to work with NOPRIN and other civil society actors to ensure
police accountability and ensure increased youth participation in the
fight against corruption.   
 “Our Noshishi4bribe campaign will support the police reform bill by
mobilizing for collective youth action to ensure the bill is signed and
youths are enlightened enough to be on the right side of the law and
not have to offer bribe to police officers on duty”, Etukdoh assured.

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