GROHE Unveils Smart Convenience Facilities 

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Yemisi Izuora 

Leading brand for bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, GROHE, has unveiled a new bidet seat for toilet ceramics. With affordable pricing, the company continues to provide personal hygiene of a high standard with its popular Sensia Arena smart toilet. 

According to the President, GROHE, Middle East, Africa & East Mediterranean, Renu Misra, “the GROHE Manual Bidet Seat is made of sturdy Duroplast and comes with the shower feature of a classic smart toilet or bidet. It combines modern design with functionality and leaves one feeling fresh as water is used for cleaning. Attached to a WC ceramic, the seat does not require electricity – instead, the spray is operated by a side lever powered only by water pressure, putting the control at your fingertips for an effective but gentle cleaning experience.”

The durable Duroplast seat is particularly easy to clean and can be used to quickly and easily upgrade any conventional toilet without having to replace the current ceramic or having to connect it to a power source. All that needs to be done is a swap of the toilet seat. With its slim and flat design, the bidet seat fits into the bathroom and is the perfect complement to the GROHE Bau ceramics line.

“Operating the bidet seat is simple and efficient: with the help of a side-mounted lever, two separate shower arms, one for the ladies and a standard shower, can be controlled. The applied water pressure is pleasant. Both shower arms are cleaned prior to every use and guarantee extensive hygiene throughout”, Renu added. 

The highest level of convenience and hygiene is provided by the Sensia Arena smart toilet. The strength of the water pressure, the position of both shower arms, the individually desired temperature and the type of jet can be controlled by the user. 

The Sensia Arena also offers many advantages; In addition to odour extraction, the shower arms of the all-rounder among the smart toilets are automatically cleaned before and after each use. When not in use, the shower arms are safely hidden behind a removable nozzle shutter with antibacterial properties, preventing 99.9 percent of bacterial growth. In addition to the innovative AquaCeramic coating, the rimless toilet design and the powerful Triple Vortex flush, the smart toilet also features a new and innovative technology for greatest possible hygiene. The so-called PlasmaCluster technology releases positive and negative ions into the toilet that spread inside and in the air around the toilet. The ions make germs or bacteria harmless upon contact by destroying their structure.

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