NCRIB To Promote Professionalism- Kayode Okunoren

Yemisi Izuora
Kayode Okunoren NCRIB President
The president of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB) Kayode Okunoren has vowed to promote professionalism as his first consideration.

Okunoren, installed today in Lagos as 18th president of the Council in his inaugural speech said,”The first consideration that will engage my attention as President is the advancement of professionalism in the Insurance Broking profession.

As the professional arm of the Insurance industry, Insurance Brokers cannot afford to fail in being seen as professionals and acting as such.

Okunoren said in order to give proper direction to his administration, he has decided to code name his tenure “ A Regime of Consolidation and Progress” which was borne out of the need to consolidate on the solid and positive contributions of past Presidents and Leaders, as well as move the Council positively forward.

He asserted that he will view and promote professionalism in its holistic form and whilst reckoning with the fact that paper qualification is the first step towards professionalism, more attention will be paid to issues such as ethical adherence, image, comportment, business relationship amongst operators and continuous education to buoy up the competencies of Brokers.

“In fact, we shall promote a blend of learning and interpersonal relationships. Whilst individual Brokers will continually be attuned to their professional responsibilities, the regime will alsoconcern itself significantly with how Brokers are perceived by the clients or the public.

It may be noted that the horizon of brokers today has been significantly affected by the image clients conjure about the practitioners.

Suffice to state that the wrong and degrading perception of Brokers has been responsible for the wrong treatment usually meted to them in bidding for business, unlike other professionals.

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This must stop. In order to restore or promote the integrity of our practice, this regime will strengthen internal disciplinary process to ensure that members adhere strictly to ethics and integrity in all their professional undertakings” Okunoren noted.

Speaking further he said, “Similarly, I have articulated a thrust of office that will remain a“covenant” between members of my team and the generality of our membership, as well as serve as a trajectory for measuring our accomplishments in office”.

In view of the changing operational environment that has continued to affect the practice of insurance brokers, this administration will be proactive in relating with relevant regulatory and government institutions which activities impact on its members, he assured.

He promised that relationship with the National Insurance Commission will be more strengthened with initiation of regular interactive platforms to discuss issues affecting Brokers, rather than being reactive in our approach.

“Whilst realizing the superintendent functions of the Commission, the Council will push more for appropriate regulations that will recognize the challenges of survival being faced by the operators and promote the growth of the profession.

Similarly, we shall strengthen relationship with other government institutions such as the FRC, the FIRS, etcetera, for the benefit of members, he noted.

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