Nollywood Actor Chris Ekejimbe Dies Of Drug Overdose

Another Nollywood actor Chris Ekejimbe has been reported dead. The deceased was said to be the owner of 4Screams Production Company and a board member of the Association of Nollywood Core Producers (ANCOPS). He also found Nollywood social media group, Film4Life. His death was announced on Saturday, October 20, by the founding president of ANCOPS, Alex Eyengho. He said: “Folks! Sad day for Nollywood! Chris Ekejimbe just passed on a few moments ago at LUTH. Lord have mercy. I just spoke with the wife!” Ekejimbe had been ill for a while and may have been last seen in public at the Nigerian creative industry summit at Protea Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, in September. He died at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital  (LUTH).
  According to Vanguard, Ekejimbo was on Tuesday, October 16, rushed to LUTH when his condition became critical after he was allegedly given an overdose of malaria drug at another hospital. The drug was said to have damaged his red blood cell, causing the deceased to emaciate following which he patronized a pharmacist who Eyengho said was coming to his house to treat him. Eyengho further disclosed that: “Chris became ill, while he was on location shooting his soap opera. He went to a hospital and was diagnosed with acute malaria and typhoid fever. He went in and out of hospital yet his condition did not improve. I was one of the few persons who saw him before he died. What he told me was that the doctor mistakenly gave him an overdose of malaria drug and the drug damaged his red blood cell. He started emaciating. After he did all kinds of tests, it was discovered that his red blood cell was at a zero level. May be, because of the mistake of the doctor, he no longer had confidence in going to the hospital again. As a result, he was now receiving treatment at home. A pharmacist was coming to his house to treat him. This was going on for three to four weeks, until last Tuesday, when I visited him. I didn’t like his condition as I called his wife and manager, one Martins by the side and insisted that he must be taken to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital for proper medication. I was able to convince Chris to go to the hospital again. But he didn’t, until last Tuesday. I guess by the time, he got to LUTH, it was probably late. And unfortunately, he gave up yesterday morning. He struggled to live but death had the upper hand. When he died, I was the first person his wife called before I broke the news to the industry.” His death was described as a blow to the movie industry.  – Vanguard.

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