The Lighthouse Women’s Network To Drive Diversity And Inclusion Agenda 

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Yemisi Izuora 

Women’s Social Development Network the LightHouseWomen’s network has said it would drive a diversity and inclusion agenda by having an all men speaking panel during its 6th personal development conference.

Moderated by two leading ladies, the panel has four generation of men discussing how to support the advancement of the working woman.

Obinnia Abajue, Managing Director of Hygeia HMO, Amaechi Okobi, Group Head Marketing and Communications for Access Bank, Debola Williams, Managing Director of Red media and Tafar Osisiye Author of fifty percent of a true story are billed to share their views.

Nkiru Olumide-Ojo one of the organisers and programme Initiator said “We are delighted to hear views from the other side in this  edition, even more specifically to hear views from 4 different generation” “ We believe at the lighthouse women’s network that men are critical to the conversation of female’s development, a two sided conversation will have a more robust outcome, the speakers have been carefully selected based on their experiences from either leading a gender diverse business, team or being part of one”

Holding on the 8th of June at the Lighthouse Women’s network, The Guardian Woman is a media partner. The event is targeted at the working woman from ages 22 and above.

Temitope Jemerigbe, CEO of DKK Communications and a member of the board of Trustees also speaking on the event said “The vision of the Lighthouse Women’s network is both to support the working woman and ready the younger girls for work place’. We have been deliberate with driving work place readiness and we have got specific programmes in this regard” We specifically target schools that are underserved in this regard

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