TCN Records 73.54Mw Untapped Energy

Ijeoma Agudosi/Chinedu Byron Izuora
The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)has recorded stranded 73.54 Megawatts according to information obtained at the Federal Ministry of Power.

The Ministry, in its Power Statistics of January 18, which was released on Monday, January 19, lamented that out of the 3,636.29Mw energy generated by the generating companies, TCN could only wheel t 3,562.72Mw.

Prof Chinedu Nebo, the Minister of Power, who spoke in Abuja recently at a stakeholders meeting said that the TCN has a transmitting capacity of 5,500MW, however, its inability to distribute the expected amount of energy, is as a result of vandalism.

The statistics also revealed that the electricity generation companies recorded a high generation capacity of 3,986.6MW on January 18.

However, the highest ever generated in the market was the 4,517.6 MW on December 23, 2012.

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