New Report Predicts Investment Rise In Nigeria’s Energy Sector In 2018

Yemisi Izuora 

A report  by AO2 LAW has predicted rise in investment potentials in Nigeria’s energy industry.

In the maiden edition of the 2018 Energy Outlook for the Nigerian power, oil and gas industry AO2 LAW reviewed and gave key insights into happenings in the industry for year 2017 and also provided investment and policy forecasts in 2018.

The report  predicts the rise in energy investment and more opportunities would be open to indigenous companies following perceived divestment of international oil companies,  IOCs.

The report therefore  advised the government on the need for policy stability especially in the power sector.

According to Oyeyemi Oke, Practice Partner, Energy, AO2 LAW, “close to 80% of Nigeria’s energy supply could be met if backed by enabling strategies and policies. 

He explained that from the research for the report, different policies and reforms in the energy sector led to the breakthrough in 2017 and has created the fertile ground for the expectations of 2018.”

The report enumerated a number of key policies that shaped the sectors in 2017. One of them was the release of the “7 Big Wins”, a policy document which highlights the government’s short and medium-term priorities to grow Nigeria’s oil and gas industry between 2015 and 2019. 

It also analyzed briefly the importance of the Petroleum Industry Governance Bill and its strategic importance.

Oyeyemi further stressed the importance of finding lasting solutions to the liquidity challenges in the power sector, one which already led to the introduction of the Power Sector Recovery Programme  in Q2 of 2017. 

He said “The PRSP is a policy document on operational, governance and financial interventions to be implemented by the Federal Government of Nigeria over the next five years to restore the financial viability of Nigeria’s power sector, improve transparency and service delivery and “reset” the NESI for future growth”.

The report also addressed the key expectations for the energy sector in 2018 and gives strong prospects for growth in anticipation of renegotiation of product sharing contracts (PSCs), more alternative funding arrangements, increase in private investments and other expected policy implementation in both power and oil & gas.

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